Ezy Whey Health Benefits

What if I told you there was a flavourless whey, that mixes into any liquid, with the added benefit of carb blockers to help curb your appetite ?… Say goodbye to your usual nasty and gritty after taste. Would you believe me?…. 

Base Whey has been scientifically formulated in Australia to be quick dissolving and flavourless. Now you can take a premium whey protein supplement your way. Our unique blend of fast absorbing 100% grass-fed Australian whey protein isolate (WPI) and slow release whey protein concentrate (WPC) will effortlessly mix in with your favourite smoothie. Increase your protein by adding it to any pre-prepared drinks, mix into your cooking or add into favourite baking recipes.

– Flavourless with no texture
– Mixes well with any liquid
Carb blockers
– Reduces appetite
– Blocks calories from starch
– Reduces Starch-to sugar-to-fat
– Reduces glycemic index (GI)
– 24 Vitamins & minerals
 -Nutrient rich BCAAs & Amino Acids
– 100% Australian Grass-fed Whey
– No added sugar
– Gluten free
– Non GMO

Life is hectic, make it Ezy… Simply add Base Whey to any food you like to help keep you feeling fuller and longer, helping to make better food choices.

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