Ezy Whey

Our vision:

To provide you with an easy yet healthy and adaptable solution that fits into your everyday active lifestyle.

Keeping healthy should be easy… But life is busy, with plenty of distractions together with a hectic timetable making it challenging to achieve your health goals.

After being recommended by a health professional to try juicing my vegetables and fruits as a way to give my body a better chance to absorb its nutrients was great but, I wanted a way to be able to get some protein in there too. Being spoilt for flavour choice somehow adding two scoops of “cookies and cream” just didn’t appeal to me in my fruit/veggie mix.

So with that in mind I set out to create something a little different, I wanted a high quality and healthy product that would suit everyone, from your hardened gym goer to someone looking to take their first steps towards a better lifestyle! With so many flavoured whey proteins available I wanted to create something a little different and more supportive.

Ezy Whey is not just another whey it really is a premium weight management supplement to support your changing needs. With no added flavour it takes on the flavour you add to it.

Knowing not everyone has the time to be creative, by separating the flavour from the Base Whey, the consumer can decided on the day by choosing one of our single-serve, great tasting flavoured sachets. Eliminating the need to ever lock into buying bulk flavoured products - variety is the spice of life, after all!

So now you can Make it your way ... Make it the Ezy Whey! My vision really is to help support and encourage everyone to lead a healthier lifestyle by making things easier. Thank you for choosing Ezy Whey.

For more information, please contact us at hello@ezywhey.com.au

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